Hotel Air Systems Signature Turn Key Service proudly features


As a nationwide company that specializes in all things PTAC, we are proud to offer our Hotel Air Systems Signature Turn Key Service.  We will come to your facility and thoroughly, and efficiently clean your PTAC units in less than 10 minutes each.  This equates to less down time for your rooms, less impact on guest experience, and cleaner units.  Our Patent Pending equipment and methods make it easier to complete a quality job.

We can clean your units in less than ten minutes each because our highly portable MAEMAC System can be set up right outside the rooms to be serviced, no more taking them out to the parking lot and hosing them off.


-Save up to $150 PER PTAC UNIT on your HVAC electric bill. A clean PTAC uses less energy than a dirty one to do the same job.


- Your PTAC units will be thoroughly cleaned right outside your guest rooms, in less than ten minutes each.  In cases where we can close a floor off, your guests won’t even know we’re there.


-Your PTAC units will last longer, your facility won’t suffer from scratched walls and dirty carpets, and your guests won’t have to see your employees carting dirty PTAC units past them in the hallways and elevators.


-Your guests will have a better experience while breathing cleaner air in a room that smells fresh and with a PTAC unit that runs quietly.