Are Your Dirty PTAC Units
Costing You Money?

If you don't clean them they'll cost you more than they should. Poor customer reviews, units not lasting as long as they should, and higher energy costs are just a few of the major reasons you will lose money.

We Offer Solutions For Every Aspect
Of PTAC Service!

Since 1987 we have offered the highest quality service through the application of our proprietary equipment and methods. We are now passing on our decades of experience to the general public by offering what we have found the best solutions possible to the dilemma of cleaning your PTAC units.


Ours is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to clean your PTAC units!  -  Out with the old and in with the new!  Now you can clean your PTAC units without taking them out to the parking lot.  Simply roll our Patent Pending Maemac Portable PTAC Cleaning System to wherever your PTAC units are and service them right there, in less than ten minutes each.


One stop shopping for all your PTAC service needs!  -  No matter how you do it, it still has to be done! We make it easier and more affordable to clean your PTAC units.  Whether you’d like to rent our equipment and use your own labor, or simply have us come clean them with our Signature Turn Key Service, we’ve got you covered.  We even offer custom financing that fits any budget.

Making The Case...

Before the case can be made for leasing a MEAMAC machine, or utilizing our Signature Turn Key Service,  an organization must first understand the importance of the preventative maintenance of the PTAC units in a given facility.  Without it, you’re just playing "catch up".

The benefits of regular and thorough maintenance include:


  • An average of 25 to 30% of energy savings on the HVAC side of your electric bill.  It is a well known fact that an evaporator coil that is 50% blocked costs a given unit as much as 120% of its efficiency.  When an insufficient amount of air moves through the unit it simply cannot do its job.
  • Longer lasting equipment.  When a unit doesn’t have to work as hard to get a given space to a certain temperature it is less taxing on its components. This means less down time and repairs because compressors aren’t trying to compress Freon that hasn’t been able to transfer its temperature, and blower wheels are not simply acting as “paddle wheels” in the air and can actually pull the air through the machine.  This is especially true of PTHP (heat pump) units that must go into “emergency heat” mode when the heat pump can’t keep up.  
  • Better air quality and improved guest experience.  A regularly serviced PTAC will smell better and won’t harbor airborne contaminants that have a tendency to build up over time.  This includes not only the buildup that happens on the fans and coils but also the condensate that accumulates in the pan that is known to harbor the worst kind of mildews and algea.

Our equipment and methods produce proven energy savings;

Before we decided to offer the MAEMAC machine to the public, we used it to make it possible for our customers to save as much as 35% off of the HVAC side of their electric bill. This equates to a single, properly serviced, PTAC unit consuming about $100 less of energy on an annual basis. 

We can say this with certainty because we have had extensive experience performing HVAC “tune ups” for the Empower MD energy efficiency programs.  Our results have been constantly checked and rechecked by engineers at both Lockheed Martin and ICF using anemometers and CFM readings that can be broken down to spreadsheet equations that clearly demonstrate our efficiency improvements.

And while the truth lies in the math, it is also true that the MAEMAC system can create this efficiency by simply making it easier to service the units.  The MAEMAC not only offers the ability to have easy access to all areas of the PTAC once it is on the machine, but also allows the worker to safely, and without damage to the PTAC, turn the unit on its back so that it can be drained, and cleaned, from every angle.

"Show Me The Money!"

It used the be the case that the only way to clean your PTACs was to take them out to the parking lot, one by one, and hose them down. This method presents several major problems.

  • Countless possibilities for damage to both the PTAC and the facility.  Walls can get scraped, and electronics can get wet.
  • All of the debris and dirt that comes out of the PTAC unit will end up all over your parking lot and the only place it has to go is into the storm drain or the nearest stream.
  • The more time you spend transporting them out of the building is less time you could spend actually cleaning them.  The labor costs of this method triple when they have to be taken out of the building.
  • Worker ergonomics and safety. It is a clear benefit that the PTAC can be cleaned at a standing height and not while resting on the pavement.

We Understand The Struggle Of Keeping Your Customers Happy And Your Facility Profitable! We Can Help Both Areas!

  • Over 100,000 PTAC Units Cleaned Since 2008

  • Over 50,000 Man Hours Saved

  • Over $12,000,000 Saved

  • 80% Reduction In Air Quality Complaints From Guests

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