I can say that I was very impressed with your services over the last week.  Your team was able to get our PTACs cleaned very quickly, effectively, with little to no interruptions impacting the guest experience.


Your technology is much more advanced and time efficient compared to previous methods.  I appreciated not only your speed, but the passion your team showed with regards to the upkeep of the PTACs and sharing best practices on how to maintain them in the future.


We will certainly use your services in the future and recommend you to our sister hotels!

Tony Miller, Regional Manager Shamin Hotels

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We offer every option for cleaning PTAC Units

Signature Turn Key Service

We come and clean your 

PTAC units and you don't have to lift a finger

Lease our equipment

Using our equipment and your labor makes it possible to save thousands of dollars


We offer solutions that help you clean your PTAC units faster and better



Before and after pictures of a single unit after a ten minute cleaning



Package Terminal Air Conditioner Cleaning Solutions (abbreviated as PTACCS) is a company that specializes in all aspects of cleaning, managing, and servicing PTAC units.  Whether you'd like to hire us to come and complete our Signature Turn Key service, or you'd like to use your own labor and our equipment to complete your cleanings, we have a solution for you! 


Time. It’s the one thing that adds exponentially to the cost of something. Whether its labor, or being out of service, time is what really changes the numbers.  And we at PTAC Cleaning Solutions, have devised the equipment and methods that drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to clean a PTAC.  No more taking them outside, no more spraying them with a hose and getting water into your electronics, no more having to clean your sidewalks and parking lots afterwards , and no more watching the runoff go into our streams, lakes, and rivers.


If you own or run a facility whose air is conditioned by PTAC units then you already know what they are and why it is so important that they are properly cleaned on an annual basis.


A regularly cleaned PTAC will,


-Use 15 to 30% less energy during the course of the year.  This can be seen directly on your power bill month after month with annual savings of as much as $150 per PTAC unit.  If you have 100 units, that's as much as $15,000 in annual savings!


-Last almost twice as long.


-Keep your guest/tenant areas smelling better.


-Virtually eliminate the possibility of airborne disease and contaminants.


-Make your guests and tenants more comfortable knowing that you care about the air that they are breathing.

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